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Led by professional theatre, film and television actor, Aaron Blakely, AMB Actors Workshop empowers actors to develop their own unique process by providing tools that are both straight forward and practical. Based upon the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavski, Jon Jory, Declan Donellan and Uta Hagen, these tools can be applied to any and every script made for stage or screen.


Students will acquire an edge most actors lack: an effective and consistent system to approach every role, every time.


Text Analysis and Scene Work

An introduction to the process of working on scripted scenes. You will learn the basics of text analysis, as well as how to apply core, fundemental acting concepts - based on the theories of Stanislavksi - to scene work in a short play.

*Audition required. 8, 3 hour sessions over 8 weeks. Rehearsals outside of class time are required. 


March  23rd - May 11th, 2024

10 am - 1 pm @ The Armory in Seattle Center (specific rooms vary)

The Actor Craft

Craft is the delivery system for the mind and the heart. You will learn the techniques that make manifest the imagination and reveal the text.  This is one of the essential pillars of acting that is rarely taught, but crucial to have in any actor's toolbox

*Must have completed Text Analysis and Scene Work. 8, 3 hour sessions over 8 weeks. 


March 18th - May 6th, 2024

6 pm - 9 pm @ The Armory in Seattle Center (specific rooms vary)

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